About Us

Haegsim Yobeob is a clinical phase biotechnology business that is devoted to creating complex treatments for intricate cardiovascular diseases. The company aims to create a comprehensive gene therapy remedy for cardiac failure by enhancing angiogenesis, controlling calcium homeostasis-associated cellular energy levels, decreasing inflammatory signals, and inducing/attracting stem cells to help heart remodeling.

Who We Are

Haegsim Yobeob unites experts in science, business, and innovation with one common mission: to use innovative gene engineering to modify the way illnesses are managed. By making use of our unique, advanced, non-viral gene therapy approaches, we strive to develop unprecedented, life-saving cell and gene treatments to address the medical needs of those who have few other options.

Employing our expansive gene therapy platform, we are creating novel and more effective remedies for those suffering from severe illnesses. As a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, we are taking advantage of our exclusive techniques to make pioneering, life-saving cell and gene therapies accessible to those with urgent medical requirements.

Haegsim Yobeob's aim is to develop top-notch gene engineering technologies - including gene insertion, gene editing, and delivery - which will form a solid base to create safer, longer-lasting, and more effective treatments.

Prioritizing patient care

The opinions of those affected by illness are the driving force behind our work. They stimulate our exploration and create an urgency to discover treatments.

Mission and Vision

Every day, we strive to enhance the well-being of patients through pioneering science tailored to addressing their individual illnesses. We are convinced that each patient merits the highest quality of care, and with our highly adjustable gene therapy platform and production procedure, we are confident that we can deliver on that commitment.

A shared vision for addressing genetic disorders

We are privileged to collaborate with a Board of Directors who are highly committed to our success and give consistent backing to promote our technology and enterprise.

Our Values

  • Maintaining a high standard of excellence with promptness of response;
  • Showing respect for others by acknowledging their individual worth and appreciating their contributions;
  • Maintaining strong standards of moral and ethical conduct;
  • Developing novel therapies that provide people with a longer and enhanced future.


Providing people with access to cutting-edge treatments and therapies

With our next-generation platform technology and advanced analytics and production tools, we are advancing our novel treatments. We made an early investment in our high-performing manufacturing infrastructure to guarantee the production of gene therapy products of the highest caliber, supported by in-house and top-tier process development and related analytics expertise.


Our staff is composed of specialists in gene therapy, fabrication, and advancement of medicine. Our team of determined and compassionate individuals comes to work every day to progress toward our mission of bringing cures to those suffering from severe illnesses. We have made early investments into our powerful manufacturing system to guarantee the production of superior gene therapy products, with the support of in-house and world-renowned experience in process growth and associated analytics.

A leadership team ready to be on the top

The Haegsim Yobeob group consists of esteemed geneticists, clinicians, and professionals from the biopharmaceutical industry. Our founders have made remarkable strides in the area of gene therapy. Every day, our work moves us ever closer to providing treatments and ultimately cures for individuals affected by genetic disorders.

A collective vision for a world without genetic disease

Research and Development

Our Pipeline

Haegsim Yobeob's most promising prospect, GENEX-3, is a non-viral trifold-effector plasmid engineered to express the human genes S100A1, SDF-1a, and VEGF-165 to tackle multiple pathways of heart failure; it is the first of its kind to be assessed for the treatment of heart failure, as evidenced by the review of the first cohort data.

Prioritizing Patient Care

At Haegsim Yobeob, we put patients and their families at the forefront of all our activities. We constantly strive to find ways to improve the lives of those living with life-threatening illnesses through our research and treatments. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those affected by creating strong links with patient support organizations worldwide. This direct dialogue with our advocates helps us to make informed decisions about our research and clinical development pronouncements, as well as keep patients and their families informed about our clinical trial progress.

Our Approach

Our devoted group of cell therapy researchers has devised production procedures that satisfy the needs of our clinical initiatives. A product-specific analytical screening program is planned and tests certified to guarantee item quality is given precedence. Implementation of process development tactics is carried out to increase effectiveness while preserving safety and quality standards.


We employ multiple strategies to address the difficulties associated with the advancement of our exploratory cell treatments. The clinical and commercial triumph of our treatments is contingent upon the production of reliable, repeatable, and scalable processes. Through the use of Haegsim Yobeob's substantial process and analytical development capacities, we are able to generate promising cell therapy products using compliant manufacturing approaches.

Process Development

Process development is an intricate undertaking that entails creating custom-crafted solutions for cell-based products. Achieving success in this area necessitates the utilization of considerable experience and proficiency in all facets of manufacturing and quality control. Our team has built up a profundity of process development and analytical knowledge spanning over a decade, allowing us to implement reliable production solutions and apply them in the making of our products.


Previously, many serious diseases were untreatable, however, the emergence of cell and gene therapies has revolutionized the way these conditions can be addressed, with the potential for cure. Molecular biology, gene regulation, protein engineering, and production methodologies have all played a role in making these groundbreaking treatments a reality. Manufacturing science and technologies are essential for the development and safe, effective utilization of gene therapies for those in need.

Our multidisciplinary team of highly-trained experts in a range of manufacturing sciences, technologies, analytics, and production is essential to having a safe and effective product. The GENEX-3 platform process is a priority, and we strive for quality and production efficiency so that we can provide the safest and most effective gene therapy products to our patients as quickly as possible.


Haegsim Yobeob is devoted to establishing sound corporate governance principles that support the long-term objectives of our shareholders, reinforce the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and management, and bolster the public's confidence in our company. Our practices and values endorse an environment of creativity and teamwork, where ethical conduct, responsibility and openness are paramount.


We firmly hold that collaboration is essential to obtaining positive outcomes. Our associates have a mutual goal of creating allogeneic therapies that will assist individuals who have unmet medical requirements all over the world.


We use the same scientific methodology when it comes to environmental sustainability as we do in the development of pharmaceuticals. We believe that a healthy global society begins with our own activities. Our principles determine the way we manage our business, develop patient care, use scientific approaches to make medicines and the way our organization grows. We attempt to make our corporate values come alive day-to-day by reducing the environmental effects of our research and operations, giving our employees meaningful and safe work, and always acting with uprightness.

Incorporating environmental, social and governance principles into our strategies is a key part of creating lasting value for all stakeholders. Our management formulates and keeps track of initiatives related to sustainability, while the Board of Directors ensures ultimate oversight. In order to determine the sustainability aspects that are essential to our operations, we take into consideration standard practices, and opinions from stakeholders like our personnel, regulators, customers and investors, and external experts.