Be part of the Haegsim Yobeob team and be among the first to create a cutting-edge medical breakthrough.

Why Haegsim Yobeob

At Haegsim Yobeob, you can seize the chance to establish an exceptional profession. You will have the privilege to work and advance your career in a thrilling and revolutionary biotech atmosphere, devising a completely new kind of therapy. Additionally, you will be making our eager life-transforming vision a reality.

No matter what role we play, all of us have an integral part in making our advanced science and medicine a reality. Everyone's opinion matters and each contribution is significant. Our foundation lies in innovation partnered with a business mindset, and a shared goal of making a noteworthy, life-altering effect with the potential of our scientific research and clinical pipeline.

What We Offer

We believe our competitive and appropriate compensation, coupled with the opportunity to grow professionally and gain knowledge, provides a great package, along with additional benefits:

  • The chance to promote cutting-edge research and contribute to the development of a new generation of gene therapy medications;
  • The opportunity to collaborate with and learn from industry leaders;
  • The flexibility to develop your education and profession through coaching, training, and personal development plans.

We are always aware that our efforts are getting us closer to finding remedies for people with serious hereditary ailments. Be part of our team!

Working at Haegsim Yobeob

At Haegsim Yobeob, our team is composed of individuals with varied backgrounds and disciplines, all joined together by our shared commitment to improving lives by means of revolutionary science and technology.


In our mission to develop patients' life-changing medications

We strategize to ensure our actions are effective and efficient. We have a clear vision and a concrete plan for achieving it. We are diligent in prioritizing the activities that will have the greatest impact on the business and executing them with precision. We strive for streamlined processes that enable quick decision-making, allowing for innovation. All of this is done with passion, speed, and a sense of urgency, as we understand that patients are counting on us to develop potentially life-changing treatments.


In both our business and our science

At Haegsim Yobeob, we aim for revolutionary creativity. We strive to cultivate a setting that allows for individual growth and progress in which all Haegsim Yobeob personnel can flourish. When we come across any hurdle, we seek out alternative solutions. We are driven to achieve perfection in all our endeavors.


Attaining our common objectives

We always act with an ownership perspective, putting the interests of the entire company first.

We work as a cohesive team, driven to fulfill our goal of providing patients with potentially life-changing treatments. We seek out and appreciate diverse viewpoints because we think that diversity results in better outcomes. When required, we respectfully engage in spirited assertion before reuniting as one team of Haegsim Yobeob.

No matter how challenging it is, we always act responsibly. Both internally and externally to stakeholders, we fulfill the commitments and obligations we undertake towards one another. We are transparent in all of our interactions, take responsibility for our choices and actions, and trust each other.