Innovation is at the core of who we are,
and our treatment is at the core of our patients.

A shared vision for addressing genetic disorders.

Gene Therapy

A cutting-edge process named gene therapy employs genes from multiple sources to treat or prevent peculiar diseases.

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Transforming Gene Therapy

In order to reduce the cost of treatment and expand availability for every patient who needs it, new technology is essential for the curative treatment of life-altering diseases.

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Advanced Medicine to Improve Patient Care

We are constantly working to advance genetic modification and potentially life-saving gene therapy.

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Delivering cutting-edge treatments to those who require them.

Haegsim Yobeob is a clinical phase biotechnology business that is devoted to creating complex treatments for intricate cardiovascular diseases. The company aims to create a comprehensive gene therapy remedy for cardiac failure by enhancing angiogenesis, controlling calcium homeostasis-associated cellular energy levels, decreasing inflammatory signals, and inducing/attracting stem cells to help heart remodeling.