Patients & Families

Prioritizing Patient Care

Patients' voices are the driving force behind all of our efforts. They motivate our investigations and our imperative to seek out treatments.

Gene therapy for patient assistance

Our research and development pipeline is inspired by the goal of providing life-altering gene therapeutics to those suffering from diseases with a high demand for treatment.

Patient Assistance

Haegsim Yobeob has crafted a cooperative program to support patient advocacy groups, individuals, and their relatives who could potentially gain from the recent breakthroughs in gene therapy research and potentially curative treatments. Our goal is to progress therapeutics, technology, regulatory needs, and public policy, with the patient voice at the center of our endeavor.

Our program is motivated by the goal of enhancing the quality of life for patients and our commitment to delivering more effective genetic therapies to the market at a more affordable cost.

  • Ensure the patient and family are represented in the development of our clinical studies by incorporating their input and perspectives;
  • Assemble a team of researchers, technicians, and healthcare practitioners who collaborate with patients throughout the therapeutic development process;
  • Design research plans to maximize patient outcomes and expedite the introduction of new treatments;
  • Work with patients’ advocate partners who have access to research teams directly to obtain explanations when necessary.

Future Prospects

On a daily basis, we are passionate about creating cell and gene treatments that can actually heal. Starting from research to the actual delivery in medical facilities, our teams are motivated to invent remedies that are risk-free and productive, while enhancing the quality of life. Ultimately, we desire a world where individuals have access to ready-made remedies that can be used in just one treatment to cure.

Operating by strong moral and ethical principles

Our Approach

At Haegsim Yobeob, we are striving to uncover innovative methods to capitalize on a patient's own immune system. As we search for new pathways of cell and gene therapy, we take great care to prioritize patient safety, effectiveness, and quality of life both during and post-treatment. We are committed to finding the best course of action for our patients and their healthcare providers.

We are developing product candidates that have the potential to provide cures for difficult cardiovascular illnesses and could eventually help to treat autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and other conditions. We consider that efficacy and quality of life should not be completely antagonistic.

Our mission is to create novel medicines that treat illness without endangering the lives of our patients from the moment we venture into the lab. The patient experience is constantly at the forefront as we develop the next generation of cell and gene therapies.

Extended Access Policy

When no comparable or adequate alternative therapy options are available, expanded access, also known as compassionate use, is a possible route for a patient with an immediately life-threatening condition or serious disease to obtain access to an investigational drug or other medical product for treatment outside of clinical trials.

Increased access may be necessary if all of the following hold true:

  • The patient has a grave illness or health problem which is life-threatening or could lead to imminent danger;
  • No other therapy can adequately diagnose, track, or manage the illness or condition in a comparable or satisfactory way;
  • Patient participation in a clinical trial is not feasible;
  • The potential advantages to the patient outweigh the potential risks associated with treatment;
  • Offering the investigational medical product will not obstruct trials that would help the development or marketing approval of a medical product for therapeutic indication. 


Haegsim Yobeob is dedicated to creating treatments for patients that are secure and efficient, always putting the needs of the patient first. With effective drug development and patient accessibility, our mission is to quickly deliver best-in-class treatments and gene therapies to patients.