Corporate Profile

Haegsim Yobeob is a clinical-stage gene therapy company devoted to using cutting-edge gene engineering platform technologies to develop advanced cell and gene therapeutics that have the potential to be curative. With our core proprietary platforms, we have identified and are producing an extensive selection of product contenders for different applications. Our core platform technologies can be utilized either alone or in combination for a range of cell and gene therapeutic methods, allowing us to manufacture our product prospects which are designed to address the main shortcomings of current-generation cell and gene therapeutics.

Our experienced management team has implemented a portfolio strategy that encompasses licensing, purchasing, and creating technologies to provide us with extensive coverage in terms of both product candidates and medical conditions. We are primarily targeting areas where there is a pressing requirement for innovative medical solutions.

Investment Overview

Haegsim Yobeob's aim is to create secure and effective treatments for diseases that are a major unmet medical requirement both locally and internationally.

Investment Highlights

  • A renowned biopharmaceutical pioneer creating exclusive technologies for gene therapy treatments;
  • Modern Research and Development and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) investments in capacity-expanding facilities;
  • Reduced valuation compared to competitors given development status, drivers of growth, and market size;
  • An experienced management group with knowledge of finance, regulations, and science. 


Our goal is to establish a dominant position in the gene therapy business by safely and effectively commercializing both in-house and partner technologies. In order to capitalize on the local healthcare industry, we expect to continue our business growth efforts by bringing on board other recognized domestic and international biotechnology partners.

A leadership team ready to be on the top

Why Invest in Haegsim Yobeob

Cell and gene therapy is a growing area of investment for biopharma businesses. The success of a portfolio's investments can be guided through an understanding of investment opportunities and entry approaches.

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) has the potential to be significant for both the biopharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector. A small percentage of new products in large markets use CGT, and small-molecule medications continue to be the mainstay of illness therapy. Yet, patients have found these products and gene treatments to be life-changing in the management of an array of monogenic uncommon disorders. And there are still lots more in the works.

As of recent data, CGT medicines made up over 10% of the industry's clinical pipeline and over 15% of its preclinical pipeline; however, the true percentage may be much higher because few manufacturers disclose their preclinical assets.



As research continues to reveal indications that CGT can be used to treat a variety of illnesses, and as the industry gains a better grasp of the genetics associated with complicated multifactorial diseases, new CGT products will be generated through this pipeline. Clinical results to date are driving this process forward, and it appears that CGT products are more successful than their small-molecule counterparts due to their ability to focus on specific causes of illness rather than broad targets.

Acknowledging the potential of CGT, several of the world's largest biopharmaceutical companies (in terms of revenue) have incorporated CGT assets into their product lines. Meanwhile, Haegsim Yobeob continues to be a pioneer in the CGT field.

Based on recent data, only a small portion of CGT assets created or held by the top biopharmaceutical companies account for around 15%, demonstrating the potential for these companies to expand their involvement with CGT assets.